The Events

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Cultural Events

Italy has been one of the most thriving cultural centres in Europe since ancient times. Being the cradle of the Roman Empire, a melting spot for numerous civilizations, and the birthplace of great artists, it is the undisputed boast of our country. The Italian heritage must be preserved and protected; Villa Federica wants to implement this goal, giving life to moments of art and culture.

Fashion Events and Big Brands

Elegance is defined as a sober refinement difficult to reach or imitate; Giorgio Armani knows it well and he states: "Elegance is not to be noticed but to be remembered". At Villa Federica luxury, good taste and the innate class are key points for the organization of ant kind of event, far from ostentation and vulgarity, to make in our guests' memory every single moment spent in this structure indelible.

Sport e Wellness

Increasingly, the care for one's body and mind is left aside; the busy life of the city no longer allows spending days in contact with nature and in total relaxation. With the organization of outdoor sports courses, Villa Federica aims to spend days of wellness, and where our guests can rediscover the connection between man and nature and regain consciousness of their body and themselves.

Italian Flavours

Italian cuisine is a blend of flavours and aromas developed through the centuries and under the influence of many civilizations that over times have introduced new ingredients become fundamental. However, Italian cuisine is not only this, considered the most famous in the world, it is true art that comes from the creative inspiration of great chefs who can perfectly combine tradition and innovation. Moreover, if we talk about typical flavours we must tell of the beverage that par excellence is accompanied to the gastronomy of our country, the wine, great Italian pride in the world. Villa Federica aims to give life to food & wine events that will remain etched in the guests‘ minds.